Warm And Pulsing

Sometimes I like to deep throat a ****, and sometimes not depending on my mood. But I always love it when I've been blowing a guy and know he's getting close and at the last minute he holds my head and pushes his **** deep in my throat and holds it as he **********.
I make a noise from deep inside as his *** shoots directly into my throat, I feel the warmth and the pulsing as he spews his *** inside me. And it isn't till after he's almost done that the taste hits me on the back of my tongue first and then stronger as he pulls out and the last drops hit my taste buds at the same time that some of his load seeps into my mouth from the back.
I feel so used as I take a few deep breaths and can feel the warmth of his *** sliding down my throat towards my belly.
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Sep 6, 2012