Just Gotta Say It.

I have a huge crush on someone I shouldn't. My mom. idk why I just think shes really hot and I want to be with her more then just as her daughter XP In the last month I have openly told her about this and she thinks im really ****** weird now XD but shes my momma and has to love meh :)
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I know a young lady when she was almost your age her mom went through a divorce and she was holding her one night as she was crying, and she just kissed her and according to her that led to the both of them "going all the way" with each other. She thought it was just a one time thing but found out mom actually liked it and so did she !!

hope you have gotten somewhere on this since you posted!

I wanted to be their daughter - I know now and its too late

I'm so happy you can say "has to love meh:)" So many sad Mom daughter relationships on here.

u know im kinda like that i grew up with my aunt my moms sister and i adore her and think she is a goddess and i love her to and am attracted to women just like her love to talk to u


That is kinda ova the top!! But, she handled it cool (didn't she?)

I'd like to be your friend and see/learn more of you.

Thanks for the friendation!!

C'ya Soon...

wow!!! not what you wanted to hear, but i applaud your bravery in telling her. gl sweety i hope u get everythingyou desire

Hmm, not the response you were hoping? Move on to another mature sexy woman maybe?

Flattering but awkward... :-/

If she looks anything like you, Im sure she is smoking

Way to be honest :)

I would've loved to see her expression when you told her lol

Hi baby , have you had your mom yet ????

Your hot please add me

she will come to terms with it hun and either run with or not but she knows how you feel and that is a good thing:)

Have you posted any pics of you two together on here?

Ya & she always Will Baby !! I'd love 2 aswell , U'r Beautiful !!

it is great that you feel that way... you love her plenty. just ask her many things sexual and normal. she will get you and should let you enjoy her soon.