This past weekend my husband and I went away, but in 2 different locations for a couple of days.

We both got home Sunday afternoon and he was only about 5 minutes behind me, but he was in a very ill mood to say the least. (sorry, but I can't say why because it's a biker thing)

After he was raising hell about what happened, I decided to stay away from him for a bit and hope that he'd cool off.

About 45 minutes went by and he said "I don't care what kind of work you have to do before you have to go to work because we're gonna go to a motel and have a jacuzzi room".

I thought he was kidding, but when he asked me why I was standing around and not packing a few thing to get outta here, I knew he was dead serious. I also got into a dead sprint in the house!  LOL

When we got to the room he started filling that jacuzzi right away and he looked at me and said, "baby we are going to **** and suck each other raw like a couple of uncontrollable horny college kids.

The jacuzzi wasn't really utilized like I thought it might be. He just used it to calm down and relax from his stress. But when we got out and dried off he looked me dead in the eyes and said he wanted suck my ***** until lit was dry and we proceeded to kiss each other witha lip lock that the jaws of life couldn't pry open!  LOL

As soon as he got me on the bed he wasted zero time going to my already wet *****, and man did he ever get in to it! I swear to god that he ate me for no less than 1 hour without stopping and god knows how many ******* I had, and I didn't bother counting! He is an absolute master at eating my *****.

When he finally came up for air, I too had to catch my breath because he dam near wore me out, but there was no way I could ever complain about that!

But as soon as I caught my breath I could see his **** was covered with pre-*** and I went to sucking his **** like it was going to be my last time doing it! LOL

There wasn't a spot on his **** or balls that I didn't lick and suck on and I did it in a way that was erotic to make more and more pre-*** flow from him.

But when he came I thought I was going to drown in Niagra Falls. He had as much *** as a 20 year old  would have and there was no way that I was going to miss a drop of his sweet *** (never have either,,lol)

But when I thought he might need a short break and started to pull away he said, "no no lady. Just keep on going because I have another load for you to swallow, and as soon as he said that he grabbed me by the back of my head and pushed me right back down on his **** for me to keep on sucking him (not that he needed to..lol)

I swear that it took less than 5 minutes for him to unload another thick load which put me right in heaven because I love his ***!!

The rest of the day?? Let me put it like this.

He ****** my ***** raw and came deep inside of me 4 times, my *** was hammered and cummed in 2 times, I gave him a hand job so he could *** all over my chest and **** and he face ****** me once. And I swear on my life that he came by the bucket full each time!

I don't know what it was that got him like that because that is the first time in the 10 years we've been together that he has EVER performed and *** like that!

Will something that ever happen again? Probably not, but I will surely hope it does!  LOL

Thank you for such a perfect day my love! :)  :)  :)

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1 Response May 22, 2012

Let me see you said he came twice in your mouth four times in you **** and twice in your *** that is a total of eight times and you also said that they were a bucket load every time!! Wow it was a really good story but i think a little far out there for me to believe but i'm so glad you both had a great time together!!