Hotel Story ...

So there I am .. driving up the M1 .. wondering what its all going to be like .. slightly nervous .. very excited .. been thinking about it since the day we spoke .. mmmmm .. finally, getting to meet you ......

Concentrating on the road was taking my mind off the anticipation of meeting you, but now, finally the time has arrived .. “can I help you sir?” .. “yes” I reply and advised the hotel desk that I am checking in for the night. As I stand there the process seems to take an age .. It feels like everyone is looking .. everyone can see right through me .. can see what is about to come .. and I'm feeling vulnerable for the first time in many years.

The room can be seen to be large .. Off from a small entrance corridor, to the right is the door to the bathroom, a row of wardrobes run along the opposite wall. The room opens up, a set of patio doors leading to the balcony are directly across the room. To the right in the far corner is a desk housing a large flat screen TV and the ice bucket I requested on the way up. In the opposite corner on the left is a chaise-longues and beside it a mini bar.

The focal point of the room, on the right hand wall is a large, king sized bed .. With a somewhat staggering array of pillows and cushions.

I move into the room, unpack what little luggage I have to the wardrobe, add the 1986 bottle of Verve Cliquot to the ice bucket provided and try to relax a little by slipping into a crisp white t-shirt and black jockey shorts.

Almost immediately there is a knock on the door .. I peer though the spy-hole to see you grinning nervously at the sound of me approaching the other side of the door. I open the door and watch you walk in .. “hi, make yourself comfortable” I hear myself say, as you walk towards the chaise.

You're dressed in a little black top and a short black skirt. I follow the line of your silhouette with my eyes and notice the tops of your hold-ups peeking out slightly from the bottom of your skirt. My eyes are transfixed on their route down your seamlessly endless legs to the black high heels you slowly kick off on your route to sit down.

The chaise is quite low and as you sit, your skirt rides uncomfortably further up your leg, revealing the top of your thighs over the hold-ups. Nervously you cross your legs and tug gently at the bottom of your skirt. You cast a cheeky glance at me as I approach across the room and can see the fabric at the front of my shorts stretching out towards you, you cast a knowing smile as your gaze rises and you look me in the eye.

“Lovely room” I hear you say over the pop of the cork. I gesture around the room in agreement with the empty glass before offering it to the bottle and filling it with the champagne, the bubbles darting around the glass as random and as rampant as my heart beat feels.

You rise to meet me as I carry the glasses over to you .. “ting” .. as the glasses kiss gently together .. “to a beautiful and very sexy lady” I say, as I peer over the glass and into your eyes .. After a sip, I take the glass from you and place them both back on the table behind me. As I turn back to you I scoop my right arm around you and place my hand in the small of your back .. pulling you close to me .. In surprise you arch your back away from me .. You can feel me pressing into your back, holding you close to me .. Our bodies touching at the waist .. Locked together .. You look into my eyes as you put your arm around my neck and pull your torso back up towards me .. I can feel your breath on my lips .. our mouths are so close together I can feel your chest pressing into mine .. I feel sure you can hear my heart beating out of my chest .. The smell of you is making me dizzy with excitement and it seems like an eternity we are pressed together so close as you look into my eyes.

Your lips part and you tilt your head slightly .. I can feel your breath getting shorter and narrower as our mouths inch closer together. I can feel your chest and your tummy rising and falling in time with your breathing .. and I can see the desperate and excited look in my eyes, reflected in yours. All of a sudden our bottom lips touch .. I feel your body sigh as your tongue ventures out ever so slightly to meet mine. My left hand reaches around and pulls your shoulder into the embrace and we press ourselves together in a passionate and intense kiss that seems to last for an eternity...........

Slowly both my hands work their way down to your bum .. I pull you closer into me .. You can feel something hard pressing back against your tummy and you giggle a little at the thought of the effect you are having on me. You're are feeling smug that you are so sexy and you break way from me for a moment to flash me a knowing smile. As we kiss, my hands reach down even further, cupping your bum for a moment then pulling back .. lifting you up and onto me. Quickly you wrap your legs around my waist as I turn around. In one movement I lower you backwards onto the bed, cupping your head in my hands and pulling you close to me again.

As you relax back onto the bed with your arms above your head, I slide my hands down your sides and grab your hips. As I inch my way down the bed, I slowly lift your top, exposing your smooth tummy .. Gently I lower my head, you squirm slightly as you feel my mouth touch your skin .. You can feel little butterfly kisses on your tummy, then you feel my tongue gently lick from the waist band of your skirt to your belly button .. You can feel my hot breath on your tummy as I leave a trail of kisses back down to the top of your skirt. I nibble your tummy slightly and you gasp with excitement as, at the same time my hand works its way up your left leg to find the little patch of skin at the top of your hold-ups.

I move my body back up to kiss you, my lips pressing tightly against yours as you feel my hand work its way around your leg and up inside your skirt to cup your bum .. Dragging your skirt up slightly at the same time. I let out a moan as my fingers trace the line of your thong around to the middle of your back and squeeze you tightly.

I break away from your mouth, both of us panting from the excitement and emotion .. Looking down I can just see your black thong beneath your skirt .. and you can clearly see my hard erection and a little damp spot in my shorts. As you look up into my eyes, you reach down and run your nails over my shorts, then move your hand back and grab your fingers around the hard bulge, more than satisfied with what you've found, you look back up into my eyes with a knowing, wanting, rampant gaze .. The temperature of the room rises and we can smell the musky smell of sex on each other as we kiss, deeply and hard.

I bite your bottom lip as our embrace loosens and I lift you into the middle of the bed. You let out a sigh as a move back down your body .. I briefly stop to kiss your tummy and you arch your back, driving your bum into the bed and pushing up your chest. Your head, pressed firmly back, you dig your heals into the bed and lift your bum off the bed slightly, just enough that I can slide your skirt up to your waist, revealing your tight black thong. I bend my head down between your legs and can see a small damp spot on your thong and I gently press my tongue against it .. tasting you. You shudder slightly with surprise and you feel an ache as you feel me move away again, further down.

My hands, pressing on your knees, gently spread your legs further apart and I tickle the inside your your left thy with my tongue. Then the right, slightly higher, then the left, slightly higher .. You moan slightly at the anticipation of the pattern .. First a little kiss, then the other thy, then a kiss .. You can feel my hot breath as my cheek brushes your thong to kiss the very top of your right thy. Slowly I reach my head down between your legs and trace the line of your thong up to its top, running my tongue along your sensitive skin as I go.

You squirm slightly as my head dips down between your legs again .. I move my hands up and hold you around your waist and I run my tongue up the left side of your thong this time. My breath ticking you as you feel my tongue working its way up. When I reach the top of your panties, I lift my head up slightly to see your head on its side, your biting your finger with excitement to stop you screaming so loud. I bend down to kiss your tummy again and press my left hand to your abdomen and gently rub your panties with my thumb. You arch your back as my thumb finds your **** through the soft material and I move my body slightly lower again.

As I rub my thumb, it moves to the right and catches under the side of your thong. As I move it back it brings with it the soft stretchy material, revealing your damp lips. I bend my head and starting at the very bottom I run my tongue up, gently, just the tip, between your lips. With a little flick when I reach your **** I rise up to kiss you hard. As our lips press tightly together and my tongue finds yours you can taste your sweetness in my mouth. I pull back from you and smile .. Knowingly you roll your head back into the bed and I move back down between your legs.

Again I run my tongue just gently between your lips, stopping to rest on your **** for a moment .. circling it with my tongue, pressing it gently before moving back down between your thighs. I start to tease your lips with the tip of my tongue, working slowly up and then back down, only slightly deeper .. You are getting wetter and wetter as I slowly tease your lips apart .. Then run my tongue deeply inside you and up to cup your **** in my mouth and with a gentle such and flick of my tongue you let out a little scream.

I reach around you and cup your bum in my hand and lean back to pull you onto my knees. I reach around and unzip the skirt and then push you back onto the bed. Reaching under you again, my fingers find the waist band of the skirt and the top of your thong and with one movement rip them both off together.......

Standing back from the bed, I drop the skirt and panties to the floor .. you look down to see me stood at the side of the bed .. You sit up and pull yourself to the edge of the bed .. Reaching out to me your slide your fingers of the waist band of my jockey shorts and pull me closer to you, opening your legs slightly as you do. You rub your nails and then your hand over the bulge in the front of my shorts. Then you pull them down slightly exposing the wet hard tip of my ****, you look up to me and smile as you extend your tongue to lick the end of it. I let out a slight moan and look up the the ceiling as you slowly slip your mouth over the end of it. At the same time you reach around me to pull the shorts down the rest of the way .. As you slowly move the waistband of the shorts down your mouth follows its line down my hard shaft. With most of me inside your mouth the shorts drop the rest of the way to the floor and your run your hands back up my legs and round, up my inner thigh .. While your right hand reaches around to grab my bum, the other comes up to hold my balls and steady my **** as your mouth works its way back up to the tip. With a pop it flicks out of your mouth and I look down to see you smiling back up at me .. I bend down and kiss you hard .. Our tongues and juices mixing in our mouths, the smell and taste of sex filling our senses, making us dizzy with excitement.

I stand back and peel off my t-shirt, at the same time you take off your top and bra .. I reach out to the table and pick up your glass of champagne. I take a sip and then hand you the glass, you take a sip and I gesture you back onto the bed. I still have the glass in my hand as I kneel between your legs and crawl my way up your body.

I take a tiny sip of champagne and kiss you hard on the mouth .. Our lips pressing tightly together, the champagne dripping into your mouth as we embrace. You arch your back as I move back down your body .. With a little bit of champagne in my mouth I kiss your tummy, the champagne runs down from my mouth and traces a little river down from your belly button .. You can feel the bubbles tickling your skin as it works its way down. I quickly catch it with my tongue before it touches your lips and slowly lick it back up to your belly button. I take a little more in my mouth, and kiss your tummy again, only this time I let it run its course all the way down between your legs. Slowly I begin to lick it back up, working my way lower and lower with each little lick.

Before being between your legs I take a little more champagne in my mouth and move my head down between your thighs, I gently lick my way up your lips and cup my mouth over your **** .. You can feel the bubbles in my mouth ticking you and you moan out loud at the damp, bubbly, tingly feeling on your ****. Dribbling the remaining liquid in the glass over your already soaking wet ***** I throw the empty container over onto the pillow. The liquid bubbles all over your lips and your **** aches with the pleasure of the cold liquid. Your heart races at the contrast of my hot tongue working its way between your lips and flicking your hard sensitive ****.

I move back up the bed and press my sweet sticky mouth to yours .. Our lips locked together in a passionate embrace, you scream into my mouth as you feel the tip of my **** gently press between your lips. Then .. after hovering slightly between your soaking wet lips for a moment .. In one long, hard motion, suddenly it pushes its way right into you .. You pull away from my mouth to gasp as it fills you up. Your left hand pressed against my chest as if to push me away, your back arched and your right arm clasping the bed at your side .. After a moment you look straight back at me and grind your hips against me, pushing me seemingly further inside you.

After a pause to catch our breath you feel me pull back all the way out of you and rest the tip of my **** against your ****. You feel it rub its way back down your lips and parting them sliding its way back inside you for a second time .. This time your body is instantly aching for more and you bite your lip in anticipation of a third as I slide out of you again.

However, the third doesn't come. Instead I kneel back away from you and take hold of your left leg, dragging it back over your right and lifting your hip, I roll you over onto your tummy. As I spread your legs and kneel between them, I reach up and hold your right shoulder, pushing you slightly into the bed, you arch your back and bring your bum up slightly and you bite in to the duvet as you feel my **** pressing against your ***** for a third time. You feel my hot breath on the back of your neck as I slide inside you .. You gasp again .. It feels even deeper than the last time and the feeling of fullness takes your breath away.

With a slow rhythm I move in and out of you, at the same time you can feel me running a series of little butterfly kisses and nibbles on your left shoulder running all the way up to your neck .. you can feel your body tingle as my mouth is buried deep in your neck. The smell of your neck and your hair is overwhelming and makes me even harder and the rhythm speeds up slightly.

Feeling the urge to get carried away I quickly pull out of you and roll you onto your back. You look down as I'm kneeling above you to see my wet hard **** and you grab it and pull it down into you, in turn I push deep inside you and we kiss .. Hard, deep, hot, wet passionate kisses that make us want each other more and more.

I reach around and grab your hair and bend you forward as I'm pushing inside you .. You look down and can see my glistening hard **** sliding in and out of you .. You see the head as it pulls all the way out and our tummy touch as it pushes all the way in .. I let out a slight moan as I feel your warmth around me and you look up into my eyes, to see me gazing back, wanting you, needing you, finally after so long, having you. We smile at each other, not breaking the rhythm, not stopping for a moment .. Lost in a world, not like either of us have ever been in before, a world of untold pleasure and excitement, a world of unbridled passion, a world of no consequence, no limits, where time has stood still. “oh my god” I hear you breath as you look in my eyes. “god yes” I exclaim back. Not taking our eyes of each other for a moment I can feel your ***** contracting around my **** .. I can feel your body starting to shake .. Your eyes narrow .. Your mouth falls open and I can see a tear welling up in the corner of your eye. I can feel an aching in my stomach and I can feel a lump in my throat as the aching grows. You look at me you can see the desire in my face you can feel me getting harder, you can feel the contractions around my **** growing with every thrust.

You reach your right hand down between us and a finger finds your **** .. Your eyes widen and you push your mouth up to meet mine .. All of a sudden your hand freezes and your body convulses .. I hold you close to me as you shake and squirm .. I can feel you breathing heavily against my cheek and you are moaning into my mouth .. As your ***** convulses on my **** it squeezes me into joining you in a shattering ****** .. You can feel me twitching inside you and a warm sensation as I fill you up with my hot juices. Pulling you even closer to me you push your hips down onto me and I feel your muscles squeeze me draining every last drop of ****** from my quivering body.

I slowly lower you back onto the bed, still inside you I push myself up on my arms and look down on your flushed, drained, exhausted body .. Gently I lower myself down onto you and kiss you softly. Pushing back up to smile, knowingly at you, I lower myself down onto you and we lock together in an embrace so tight the world couldn't tare us apart.

Our eyes close, lost in our thoughts .. our imaginations running wild at the thought of another time, another place .. very soon.
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May 22, 2012