A Great Saturday.

My brother-in-law picked up my wife Saturday morning and the two of them went to have a nice overnight visit with their father who lives a few hours away. Before leaving, my wife prepared a long list of chores I was to accomplish after I completed the yard work. The house needed to be perfect because we were having company the next day and, since she would be out of town, I would be doing it all myself. After completing the yardwork, I took a nice, refreshing shower then put on silky panties, a bra, a garter belt and stockings, a silky full slip, a housekeeping dress and apron, and housekeeping shoes. While it was a great day already, what topped it off was while I was busily doing the work she assigned, I received a text message from my wife telling me that they were going to a nice restaurant for dinner. It meant alot to me that she was able to enjoy her evening while I was wearing lingerie and a dress and doing the housework that she used to do. The text from her telling of her nice evening helped to remind me that one of the reasons I'm the one doing the housework and she is the one out having fun is that I'm a submissive sissy who likes to wear lingerie and dresses and very much enjoy having my wife take advantage of me because of it.

I believe she was very pleased with my work because she asked if she could take credit if our guests complimented the cleanliness of our house.  Of course she can.
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Yes, one of the nicest things about working in a dress is the constant little restrictions, serving as a sensual reminder of my femininity.

It is, indeed. When I think of some of the guys here at EP who have commented that their wives don't like them in silkies and dresses and have to do it when she is away or even not at all, I think of what both the husband and the wife are missing. The husband is missing out on silkies and dresses, of course. The wife, however, is missing out on a husband who feels he can be completely open, a husband who will quietly, yet cheerfully, be her wife as much as she needs, and a husband who is completely loyal in thought, not just deed. <br />
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Take today, for example. My wife told me she is going out this evening with a friend to attend an opening celebration for a local magazine that is owned by someone she went to college with. She wants me to do certain household chores, in addition to others I run across as I go, while she is gone. It used to be that I wouldn't want to do it. I know that this evening, though, I will be doing the work and doing it cheerfully. No doubt there will be a time or two where I will lift the hem of my dress and gently touch the lace of my slip as I am hoping she is having a good time while out and that she will be happy with the work I've done when she gets home.

Not everyone will understand this, but really serving someone you care for, while in a feminine role,can be very rewarding for someone like us. I take a quiet pleasure in tying on my apron and serving my wife dinner at the end of a long day, and in cleaning up afterwards as well.

Both parts seem to feed on one another, aprilrose. That I like to wear lingerie and dresses justifies my wife having me do whatever housework she desires me to do. I strive to do it well so that she will have confidence in me. While I will never suggest it to her, the ideal day would be for her to talk about going in to town for the day then to dinner and the movies, then to tell me that she invited friends instead of me because it would be more convenient and satisfactory for her if I stayed home in a dress and spent the time doing all the housework.

Niqqi, I really love the fact that you're not only doing the housework, but you're doing it well enough that your wife is pleased with it. This kind of engagement with developing yourself as a homemaker more than justifies your doing so in a dress and apron. If you can contribute to your wife's convenience and satisfaction by dressing as a housewife, why shouldn't you? And pretty lingerie just adds to the fun!