House Is The Man!!!

I have watched House from the first season and I still keep going...  He is such a rude and arrogant man but I love everything about him...  Here are some quotes that caught my attention that I like...    "Everybody Lies"...  "Don't take life too serious, it's not like you're getting out of it alive"...  "I think my penis stopped breathing; Do you know CPR?"...  There are lots more...  His sick sense of humor just cracks me up...  I guess where I was in the medical field for so long I can honestly say that even though this is just a TV show, I have seen some people actually have his sense of humor...  I know this is my opinion but sometimes you have to laugh and enjoy life or you will never make it in this line of work...  BUT like I said, this is just my opinion...  I hope that I haven't offended anyone...  If I have, I am sorry...  Whose the Man...  *giggles*
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1 Response Aug 4, 2010

Honestly he cracks me up! and his nonchalant yet expressive tone, <br />
His jokes never really seem dirty loool but they alwaaaays so are ahaha!<br />
this is one series, whether I want to have a good time or just be sad!<br />
This is the perfect balance! I love HOUSE! <br />
<br />
House is the man!