House Or Wilson?

My daughter & I have bonded over House.  But we don't agree on who we like best.

She says it has to be Wilson.  He's the greatest friend ever.

But for me, I'm all about House.  I know he's really screwed up but he's also incredibly brilliant & witty.  I'm just a sucker for all of that.  And those blue eyes.... <sigh>

If you only get to pick one, who would you choose?

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11 Responses Jun 3, 2009

That's a great point C8Lorraine. Wilson really is a great guy. I just can't resist a true romantic either.

I would marry Wilson - he is such a romantic, then I would keep Dr House as a friend to have witty conversations

Badonk ... yes, what is it with us women? We always go for the guy with the edge!<br />
<br />
Meteorite .... I could not agree more. House has charisma .... and so much more .... lol!

House!!!!...yeah, them eyes*sighs* are Gorgeous!!!.........I'd choose House everytime, he has so much more charisma than Wilson.

heh, y'all would deserve every moment of misery House caused you. Maybe Wilson would grow a spine and shut you out in the cold when you tried to run back to him... Naaaaaah!

I totally agree with you. Although Wilson is the greatest friend that I ever wanted, I always attracted by those incredibly brilliant & witty ones. And, oh, those blue beautiful eyes. :D

well Wilson is sweet and adorable and obviously makes a good husband for a little while. but House's blue eyes...

HAHA! everybodylies....that is a great plan, why didn't I think of that?

i'd marry Wilson but cheat on him with House...

Definaely House with his wicked sense of humor.

I should say I agree with you, it's the great Dr. House.