Paging Dr House

I love House.  We have so much in common, if only he knew.  He's witty, he's brilliant, he's a sarcastic son of a *****, he really does have a heart (he can deny it all he wants), he's depressed, an addict and has such beautiful ice blue eyes.  And I ..... well not that, ummmm no, ok sometimes, depends on the substance....  OK I got it.  I've got the depressed thing down and the blue eyes, though his are prettier. <sigh>

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4 Responses Jun 15, 2009

Scully, thanks for your comment. Yes, us true blue House lovers must unite!

Man, you're Scottish? Complete with kilt? What do you wear under those things anyway?<br />
<br />
Isn't Sean Connery Scottish? Another fine stud. I think I saw him in a kilt once.

Man, are you British? If you are, you already know we Americans are a rather stupid lot. We gave up the Beatles, David Beckham & Prince William all in our silly need to declare independence all those years ago.<br />
<br />
And to answer your question, Hugh Laurie is convincing to me in every way. I'd love it if he did speak in his natural accent though, I'm such a sucker for accents. I've seen him in several British movies and enjoyed him just as much. My daughter watches him in some some comedy gig he did years ago & thinks he's a hoot. But those blue eyes....

I loveeeeeeee House... I used to hate it Ive missed soooooooo many episodes!! Damnmoving to mums house. What I love the most is the story you get before the house. :) Good ****! Love eet!