Watching It For Years

after watching it for years,i dont know how to describe my feeling for it.however it is kind mircle for me can chease for a drama for a such long time.

i am totally not attacted to this serise when i saw the frist epsode.Hugh Laurie did a great job;it is so cool when he solve those mysterious cases.of course, i am not acquaintance those medical nomenclature at all.but i think it is a little show off,i am more perfer grey`s,i didnt continue fllow the show.

i dont remerber the exactly the time;however,a friend come to my apartment,dropping a box of two seasons of house.he said i really should take a look of this serise.and,i am kind bored during that time.i put the dvd into the player ;then i watched the 2 season in two days.and i am obsessed with it.

rightnow,if you asking me about the medical case in the show,i can remerber any of content.but i still recall the feelings when i watched it.

bluely3666 bluely3666
22-25, M
Feb 1, 2010