I Love The Way You Love Me


I wanted to let you know that I'm not frozen anymore. I'm working on walking steady, sometimes flying and I realize now that I caught a glimpse of forever reflected back at me in the mirror this morning. You put that there and I am so thankful you are in my life.

I ache for you. Your smile makes me smile; your eyes make me giddy. There are lots of things you like about me and you are always telling me so. With all the things you love about me there is still more to be discovered. I can see us growing older together.  

You are always telling me what you love about me so here is my turn.  I love that you care so much about little things, but so little about some big things.  I love that you care about the little people more than the big people.  I love the small coincidences; I love that you “get” the ones I've told you about and that we have so many in common. I love that you make me want to tell you the rest of the story and that I need very little prodding to do so.  I love when you ask for my opinion. I love when you really care what I think and that it isn’t just lip service.  I love that you make me feel so important in your life.  I love your sense of humor, your voice, and I know I will one day love your hands. (LOL) I love the way you touch me with just your words. I love everything about you.


Hehe I know you will love the animation on this video. 

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7 Responses Mar 14, 2010

The eyes (headlights) were great, how they would squint and emote...nice song, too. In fact, great post, FG. It's good. Have a great day :-)

God, I miss being in love.. Crap, now the tears are coming after that song. Happy for you though, enjoy it and hang on to it.

Very much so and I love him even more now. Some days I only have this to keep me walking forward and he is very good at reminding me of how much I have in my life.

:) I hope she enjoys it.

You are very welcome

Thank you Snookie.

OMG; I have not heard this song since before 1-28-1995 thank you fungirl. *eyes tearing up* I have wanted to hear this song forever (since 6-19-2008and play it for my wife. Thank you Fungirl. Your writing was very well done thank you.