The Scratch N Sniff Avatar Makes Me Laugh!

I wish I had a scratch n sniff of him!

I love him aftershave, his deodorant, his washing powder, his soap - everything! It just smells of *him* When he goes away, I put off washing any clothes that smell like him so I can sleep with them. :)

I love a nice smelling man. Its so important I can sniff certain aftershaves out amongst a crowd! I also associate certain smells with certain men e.g if I smell a guy wearing Eternity for men in a crowd I have to go phone my dad to check on him, cos it always makes me think of him.

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1 Response May 11, 2008

when my husband died, I didn't wash any of this things or his pillow case, for a long time. I needed to hold him one night more, or love him all over again! Good story!<br />
(My day used 'old spice' and I think of him when I smell it on others)