One Of The Funniest Scenes :D

Their bad habits!

Now when you watch the entire scene it is funnier but still :P

All the four Lily, Robin, Barney, and Marshall hated Ted's girlfriend because she doesn't stop talking, when Ted didn't notice this bad habit!

Once Marshall pointed it out for him he couldn't get over it! and It led him to point out for Marshall Lily's bad habit of chewing loudly (that's a good one I HATE IT when people chew with a voice!!!), which led Lily to point out for Robin Ted's bad habit of correcting everything people say (hmm this can be me in someway haha :P), which led Robin to pint out for all how Marshall sings about everything he does, then Ted pointed out for all how Robin always says the word literally, and then all of them attacked Barney with a bunch of bad habits lol (poor Barney)!

This was the whole scene, this video just contains the end when all will fight about it hahah, really funny, Enjoy! :D

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I was just watching the whole episode on line
the episode season 3 episode 8 spoiler alert.