How I Met Your Mother Rocks!

As a rule I don't watch sitcoms but surprisingly, HIMYM has insights that resonate in me, the characters are likable, and many of the lines are well-written. Of course, Barney gets the best lines.

freyaluna freyaluna
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2 Responses Jun 11, 2009

Most sitcoms are awful. The characters will all be cheesy and stereotypical and there will be a guy and girl that are a love interest the whole show then end up together. And there will be stupid jokes and over played laugh tracks.
I hardly consider how I met your mother a sitcom, it's extremely elaborate and well thought out. I love the intertwining stories and how everything connects. And of course it makes me laugh, a lot. One of my top favorite shows on tv of all time:)

Same here!<br />
They sure brighten up my day!