I Love The Smell Of Strange Things

I love the smell of some odd things

1 New bath sponge smell

2 Steam Engines burning welsh steam coal is wonderful

3 House coal smell on a cold morning when you know in the house is a big fire because out of the chimney you see smoke and that smell hits the nose

4 Engine oil never used to like it but my man friend I talk about endlessly on here well he works in a garage and even when he has had a shower and shave there is a hint of engine oil and grease and grime

5 Fresh cut grass

6 Fresh cut wood like Apple or Beech

7 My favourite purfume is 4711.

8 The smell of Roses and Honeysuckle in Summer wafting through the open window when I was a little child.

9 Mum hates it but I also love the smell of Ozone and the sea on a summer evening

10 fruit candle not lit. Mango scent if possible

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41-45, F
Dec 6, 2012