I Want A Dragon!

I would LOVE to own a dragon. I envision owning a dragon like owning a massive Great Dane times 1,000. You'd instantly have the power to explode buildings, fly around from country to country, and terrorize enemies. Who wouldnt love owning a dragon? It's the ultimate threat if you ever found yourself in a dispute... "Dont make me get my dragon involved...". C'mon now... I think it would be amazing. 

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U can have 2nd best if you learn & master lucid dreaming!

I've piloted a UFO and it felt VERY real.

Want lessons?


I love dragons, but it's main purpose would not be to burn or destroy things. It would be awesome to just ride one, or like in the how to train your dragon' movies, have them as your best friend and be one or whatever.

YES 100% with you. I also love dragons and that movie!! Try reading books by Anne McCaffrey, the Pern books are pretty good if you like nerdy fantasy novels about being a dragon rider!

Haha.Yes you are very imaginative.I guess if it was possible it would be cool although don't dragons breath fire? You would have to be really nice so you wouldn't get hurt:)<br />
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Charity<br />

I had always wanted a dragon, all the christmas they tell me "Hey what you want as a present?" and I always answer "A dargon!!", even if it's imposible it had always been my dream and always would be....

Dragons are amazing. They breath fire, they fly and they have magic powers. I just watched how to train your dragon for the second time and all I really want from life is to be a scottish-american viking with a night fury dragon, because they are fast and also look like a cat with wings. I like cats very much, but they do not have any of the super powers of dragons. For this reason if I could get hold of a dragon that was like toothless in the above mentioned film, I would have something like a cat but also I would have a dragon. Dragons breath fire, fly and have magic powers. <br />
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Dragons are also more intelligent that one would think. As a reptile you would imagine them to be fairly basic in terms of higher-brain function. However, my study of dragons ba<x>sed on how to train your dragon and dragonheart indicates that they might be to reptiles what humans are to mammals. In short, dragons are great. I really wish they existed because, if they did, the world would be a far more awesome place. There could even be different races of dragon for different areas of the world. I think the Chinese would like their own type of dragon.

I would get a BIG BIG BIG (and pink) DRAGON and we would fly around and put bad people in jail!!

I would modify this with the statement that I would want a "Luck Dragon" - like Falcor from "The Neverending Story"... I once almost adopted this dog at the pound simply because his name was "Falcor" and he looked a bit like a luck dragon.<br />
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All in all, totally with you!