I Believe I Can Fly....

Dude if I had a dragon I'd learn how to ride it so that I can fly all over the place. Not sure what sort of safety precautions I would need though... but seriously, flying around on a dragon would be the sweetest thing ever. I'd have to make sure to train it not to bite or breathe fire on my friends, and I'd definitely take it out for a walk and a fly everyday to keep it in shape. I'm pretty sure my dragon would be great at ultimate frisbee.

I'd also teach it how to cook. I'm sure it'd be great at dishes like flame-broiled chicken or creme brulee, and perhaps even deep friend banana ice-cream. My dragon would be very well-rounded. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. I wonder when science will get good enough to create dragons. Maybe we can base dragons off of dinosaurs...

EPLoren EPLoren
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4 Responses Mar 24, 2010

:D<br /><br />
Your dragon sounds awwsomme!

I have a dragon.<br />
He is old and grumpy and doesn't cook<br />
But every now and then his eyes become steely, his wings unfold and puffs of green smoke waft out his nostrils

Cool, dude.

It's believed that the legend of dragons came from ancient people coming across dinosaur bones. This sounds reasonable to me.