The Places I'd Go...

This movie seems sweet. Makes me wonder what I'd do if I had a pet dragon. I think I'd go on vacation. No more harming the environment by excessive plane travel or paying for expensive plane tickets. No more waiting through security lines or delays at airports. It's first class, all the way, on my private dragon! Of course, I'll bring a friend or two along, and I'll feed by dragon with the best fuel ever. Not sure if my dragon is vegetarian or not, but if not I'll give it sushi and filet mignon and all sorts of yummies. Actually maybe sushi might not work cuz the dragon might accidentally cook the raw fish just by breathing on it.

Now, where'll I go first?

Rivendell. Hell'z yeah.

BBoyFenix17 BBoyFenix17
31-35, M
Mar 24, 2010