An Apprehensive Love

If I’m terrified of you
It’s only because
I know too well
That you cannot control

Your emotions for someone else.
You can try relentlessly
but you inspire me in ways
that no one has ever touched.

I’m scared that you will
Put me down again
& I’ll be left alone
With these feelings

That have made home so very
Deep down inside of me…
I’m sure you don’t know

What exactly I feel for you
& through written words
I try to map out my feelings
So that you may navigate
Your way right into my heart

I let you lace my face with
Gentle kisses
Soft as baby whispers..
& rough touches meet
Along my body from your hands.
& every kiss that settles on my skin
serves to pull me back into you
when I’m starting to drift away…

I could never drift so far away
That thoughts of you would
No longer haunt my dreams..
You’ve become a comfortable place

For me to escape to when
The world starts spinning around
To fast to catch my breath…

& still I want to run
Pick up heavy feet &
Place distance between
These feelings that you bring to life.

Still you keep me close
just as my feet are still on this ground
& I’m taking the chance of being burned

By the flame that you’ve become
because taking that risk..
Is the only thing that keeps me warm.
LuhxLeMieux LuhxLeMieux
22-25, F
Feb 25, 2011