Innermost Evergreen Feelings..

He is my bestfriend also we are in love since 5 years. It was just a normal friendship. We didnt know that we would be in love ever. If we knew that before then we would not fell the the anger without any reason. The meaningless quarels and sadness. Those jelousy to talk with other. Sudden holding hands then removing with suddenly shamenessly. Hugging and a felling not to leave eachother. Oh those feelings!!
It was at the time of realising LOVE.
He changed me so much. He make me fell so proud of him. Its amazing feelings he made. Sometime he make me feel angry, in love, make my cry, make me confident, make me a good humanbeing.
I m what now only for him.
We are making our life together.
Tiyamisti Tiyamisti
18-21, F
Feb 1, 2013