I Love Howard The Duck

i  love howard the duck  i remeber my mom getting the vhs  from a video rental store  this is one  of the best movies  that i ever seen  regardless of what bitter movie crittics and wanna be movie crittics  say and howard is so cute i like the fact that  some people are labeling the scene where beverly and howard  are in bed  faux flriting  with each other a sex scene  when actually  they are just two friends  faux flriting with each other  and to top it all off they  put the label beastialty on it  how can it be *********** when they did not  have sex ? that's like  a little boy lying to his parents about  catching his older sister and  a boy having sex in her room i love howard the duck and always will

tbeasley tbeasley
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2009

Yes!! One of my all time favorite 80's movies :)