Hugh Jackman is kind of JT, the much beloved Patrick Swayze and a noble few actors in what I call the 'Everyman' category. What I mean by everyman is that there's no role they cannot play. Villain or hero in action, romance, musical, scifi - you name it. In fact, HJ could be a woman for one of his movies and I would still see it. Why? Because he is that DAMN GOOD. He really brings this single spark to his roles that no-one can touch. He has the Zen relaxed nature of Patrick Swayze, the charismatic smile and charm of John Travolta along with the moves I might add. Yet despite that all, he just has this wonderful retro vibe. It may be distinctly a feature of him or of all Australians as at times, Mel Gibson among others has given off that seem uninterrupted air. He has yet to stop being a joy for me to watch and I don't think he ever will be.

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If u want I can phone now not for sex but we can hear eachother (kids still awake :( but love um anyway:)