A Nice Guy

A nice man came back to work with us after being gone for a long time. We all welcomed him back but I was the only one who hugged him. Right in front of everyone, can't believe i did it. But I was so happy to see him come back. We really needed him and he sort of got in trouble(which is why he left) and I just wanted him to know we all didn't hold it against him. And he's a little hot too! So i really didn't mind "taking one for the team". :)
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5 Responses Mar 30, 2012

10 points for you. I'm sure the Guy treats you with respect. Such a Simple thing to do. Yet, the *Memory* lasts much longer!!
Great avatar pic too. Yummy & Sexy Looking.............

Hugs are great. They are needed and totally necessary. He probably needed that hug more than he let on.

That was a considerate thing to do. I am sure he came back with some hesitation. People deserve a second chance.

sounds like you're a nurse, from an earlier story (you said you gave report) the human touch is the simplest ex<x>pression of love, yet seems to be the hardest thing to do~

I am a nurse and I love it! It's funny how much you take being touched for granted until you don't have it anymore.

When I worked as a carer, I was taught to offer to cut clients nails if they seemed down. Its a way to hold a persons hand for perhaps half an hour. A non-sexual way to give human touch to those who are starved for it.

awwwwwww. That would make me feel so good.