Please Hug Me

My story is simple. Although I am a man I love to hug..anybody, anywhere, anytime. Man, woman, boy,girl...A hug is such a simple way of connecting with another human being and showing both respect and love. This is not sexual love but simple friendly , maybe a little intimate love..I think every human being would be better off with even one good hug a day. So if you see me please give me a big hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hug.
thank you very much
iamwarped iamwarped
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3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

My friend, I feel just like YOU, I also am a HUGGER, and doesn't it feel so wonderful to hug your friends, whomever they are, male of female!!!! My friend, here is a HUGE HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGG, JUST FOR YOU!!!!!! :) Wow, I so hope that it felt as wonderful for you as it did for me to HUG YOU!!!!!! :)

awe........thank you sooooooooooooooooo made my here is your hug back,,HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG...........thank you for being so sweet..

OOh Thank you, that also felt so awesome my friend!!!! :)


Hey John...thank you so much for the is so nice..i really need hugs...i will send you one back in the gift section...later nice to know you.

True That brother