I am from Hawaii. Males and females are huggers in Hawaii. Not necessarily romantic. It is familial in the sharing of humans bonding. I am an avid hugger even outside of the Hawaiian love. I was in for a huge culture shock when I moved to the mainland and someone was chatting with me and we were laughing then I went to hug her and she backed away and walked away and told me rather strongly she didn't want to hug me. I felt so hurt. Then I found out from others who had also moved from Hawaii that a lot of the mainlanders are like that, they don't like to be hugged. That really hurt cause hugging is huge for me. I am friendly.

A lot of mainlanders tried shaking my hand and I told them I prefer hugs because hugs are warm and friendly and handshakes seem cold, distant and businesslike.

I like hugging anyone, male or female, and not in a raunchy manner, but in a friendly manner.

Even on the Internet, I send on EP to my friends the two bears that hug or the hershey kiss if they send me a gift and on Pogo, I send a pulsing heart or a lavendar flower to my friends when we meet in the chatrooms. Or in Meebo Chat here on EP, I actually send a heart emoticon which is a red heart, a rose emoticon which is a pink rose on a green stem, a kiss emoticon which is a smiley face that puckers animatedly and kisses, or a hug emoticon which is a smiley face that has arms that extend out and wrap animatedly in a hug to my friend on here who gives me those same emoticons as the sisters in heart that we are.

The only people I don't like to hug are perverts who convince themselves that if someone hugs someone else, it is because they like them romantically.

There is something peaceful, soothing, healing about the gesture of a hug, the touch of it and the gift of it. Online or offline.
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Very true. When I moved to California from Maui, I felt a bit out of place. But now that people realize about my culture and what a hug means to me, they are more open to it. I think I even rubbed off onto a lot of my friends, as I see them hugging more of their friends as well. It's almost as though people here are afraid to touch someone else unless they know them really well.

Yeah I rubbed off on a lot of people in safe ways too and to me it is sad that not more people in the country looked to by the rest of the world isn't so into this. It has me convinced that Hawaii is the most friendly state outside of the crimes that happen there.