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I love hugs, Hugs make me feel all warm and fuzzy I have given them to total strangers and people I barely knew. I give them to those that really need something of a comforting cuddle. But the best ones are the ones shared between two people that really care for each other.
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Hugs are great. Interesting that you mention total strangers. I was just thinking, if I was walking somewhere and saw a person crying alone, I would totally stop and hug the person, for as long as I need to. It doesn't matter where I'm going, they need to feel that comfort. Glad you actually do that.

It has a lot to do with the way my mom raised me I have seen groups going around with signs and offering free hugs. I just look and smile but they never got close enough to off them hugs for free without the pomp and circumstance.

Oh, I think I understand. They just wanted to advertise their groups, right? Well, that's not the right motive at all.

I was a good reason but why carry a sign just go around and hug anonymously.

Yeah, that's what I would rather do. Go out and hug people. If their upset, you can't expect them to come to you.

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