On The Value Of Nvrgs Versus Slutty Girlfriends

I can't remember if I told you about this year's Thanksgiving dinner, when Handsome Actor and the Senator joined my family in our home for a feast. The two men hit it off well, and combined forces to tease my poor son a bit. They told him that what he needed was a slutty girlfriend.  We all laughed uproariously at their joking, for it was funny.  But I couldn't help thinking that perhaps they were right.  If my son had a girlfriend whom he could hold and do wicked things, perhaps it might reassure him that he is an awesome young man and his future is bright.

I don't seem to be able to persuade him of the notion.

He's down on himself, you see.  Really down.  He dismisses any positive remark his father or I say about him, contends that any praise others give regarding his abilities is just them being nice, trying to make us feel good.

I could bonk him in the head for such silliness.

We went to the psychiatrist's office the other night after things got particularly tough, when son had not risen from his bed for two days.  I am pleased to report that on the third day he rose again. 

We were talking with his shrink, expressing our frustration about what to say to our lad, when the doc asked him what he hoped to get from us.  "I know it sounds childish," our son began, "but sometimes what I really need more than anything is a hug."

"From a slutty girlfriend?" I blurted out, remembering the joking we'd done the previous month.  My son looked thoughtful and stroked his beard. 

"Hmmm," he said.  "No, I believe I would like my hugs from you and Dad."

The shrink nodded and made a note on his clipboard.  "That's good.  Nonverbal Relational Gestures can be very helpful in dealing with depression."

I burst out laughing.  "Seriously?  Nonverbal Relational Gestures?"  We all laughed at the psychobabble technical term.

Later that night as we sat around the house, my son came up to me  "Mom?" he asked, "Can I have a nonverbal relational gesture?"  He held out his arms and I wrapped mine around his torso and squeezed tight.  Jesus Christ Almighty, I love that boy.  I know hugs alone can't fix him, but I will gladly give him one whenever he wants, as well as initiating it on my own often.
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