I love Hugs! :D

It makes me feel calm and relax
Every time I meet people I know, I hug them :D and they say, they feel calm.
I hug people when they cry because am not good with words when comforting someone. When they hug me back, we both know how we feel and find comfort...sometimes words are not enough.
I hug people during goodbyes even if I will see them tomorrow :D
I hug my family in the morning because I feel saying "Good morning" is not enough.
I hug my pets after I play with them! :D

Hugs sure are the best!

TheSoaringHighBird TheSoaringHighBird
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

hugsss =) I hope we meeeeet someday for a hug,,ahahaha =))))

Sure! :D You know where I am ;) *hugs back*

@_@,but not now,next 100 years =) thanks =)

Haha.Why not? :P ikaw lang kaya pinakamalapit nakatira dito sa EP. Ui! gusto mong sumali sa Red Cross Volunteer Run 2? :D

pede sa 3 na lang,,ahaha. =)))


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*Hugs* :)

*Hugs back* :)