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I love hugs,don't take the title wrong. I was flicking through the groups here, and this
one reminded me of something that happened to me once. I was at a Greatful Dead
concert once, obviously a while back! Anyway, me and some friends went to hang
out and look at the cool stuff people were selling in the parking lot, (easy now, there
were actually a lot of cool crafts and handmade things, not just drugs!) but we didn't
have tickets for the show. Anyway, we were walking around and came to a stairway
we were walking up, and there was a girl off to the side of the stairway, calling out
"free hugs". She looked like she wasn't having a good day, and everyone just walked
by ignoring her. I couldn't, I stepped over the rail and gave her a hug. At which point
she burst into tears. She was having a bad time in her life, there was nothing concrete
I could do to help her with her problems, except to give her the hug she was asking for.
I'm glad I did and I hope she's well today. SeanPat
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Well... there are lots of people in bad need around us, everywhere... we walk by not noticing them deep in our own worries and doubts... you did well, I would have done the same thing.

That is beautiful. A Taurus man I love gives the BEST bear hugs I have ever had in my life!! That was very sweet of you!!

Hugs help ..

That was thoughtful.

Mint xxxxxx


Great story. Oh, the memories... I also used to wander the Grateful Dead parking lots, selling banana honey sandwiches, lol. My heart skipped a beat a first because I have a memory of hugging a random guy after helping him sneak in his taaaaape recorder. Hug.

There's more to that story, it was a weird day. I went with my ex and some mutual friends. We were walking down these stairs and this dude whispered "doses". I said
"yeah", it was so quick, no one knew, till I smiled and stuck my tongue out! Wait, should I tell this? My ex was mad, like I'm supposed to still be taking care of her?

Haha, they were such crazy times, such an usual world it was... dancing around and bumping the doors open in the hallways so people could sneak in. I took the back seats out of my VW bug and made a bed in the back... Wow, really brings back memories.

Your story reminds me of this artist who takes strangers and poses them in intimate pictures together. If you have time watch the video...I love the part when the subjects talk about how they felt after the photos!

Amazing what human touch can do :-)

this is actually kinda sweet

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Lovely story? Good for you

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How Thoughtful even back then, like you said most people will just walk by. I would like to think that your thoughtful hug gave her what she needed - someone who cared

Thank you, I hope so too.

Awww, that was very sweet of you. Sometimes a hug does it all.

Thanks, I hope your having a great day!