I love being hugged! even when it's just that simple hug of hello when you see a friend walking around, or even that big bear hug you get from guys, those  are my favorite. Any kind of hug always puts a smile on my face, because you can tell when people are feeling the hug or just going through the motions
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3 Responses Jun 12, 2007

I know what you mean...I got one of those "the world is alright for just a moment because we're in each other's arms" hugs the other day from the woman I love.I hadn't hugged her in months and she seemed hesitant to initiate one, only offering a handshake. Maybe she thought I wouldn't want to embrace her like that and was fearful of rejection. But little did she know it was all I was thinking of. When I took the initiative and hugged her she seemed genuinely overjoyed and rocked me like a baby. GAWD did that feel GREAT! It's all I've thought of since and hope to recreate or even surpass that hug with another for her birthday which is in October. I'm just counting down the days :)

Me too! I hardly ever get them, usually just if I make the effort to travel and get a hello or goodbye hug from a family member or an old friend. My favorites are some I never get anymore, those protective hugs from someone that just makes you feel safe and like the world is going to be all right no matter what. you can be crying, or scared, and its like magic you feel better. I miss having people in my life who can, and are willing to do that!

I could use one of those bear hugs right now - I guess I'll put my arms around me and do it myself since there is nobody here to do that.