I Love Hugs!!

I love hugs!! if you are feeling sad or lonely a "hug" is the best medicine!!

U can't beat a good friendly loving "Hug'!!



By Feflower

Feflower Feflower
36-40, F
3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

Yes! A hug can even be more powerful than a drug!

It's true, there's nothing better on a sad day than a warm hug.

I agree, I grew up without hugs. I used to be a little uncomfortable with hugs. I wasn't sure if a hug was appropriate. Now sometimes I go overboard with hugs.<br />
Is that possible? I looooove hugs myself. They are the best medicine.

I'm still uncomfortable with hugs : ( but recently I've had some hugs that have left me feeling so happy, I want more!

You can hug me if you wish !