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There Are So Many Kinds...

I always thought that kisses were overrated and hugs weren't given enough credit.

Without words, how much can a hug say?  There are the comforting kind you get when you're crying your heart out on someone's shoulder.  There are the blissfully euphoric kind you get when you're in love.  There are the painful kind you get when you're saying goodbye to someone, and no words are enough.  And then there are the best kind, in my opinion -- though it's a pretty close call -- the kind you get when someone has just forgiven you for something absolutely horrible you've done, something you have no excuses for.  When someone welcomes you with open arms and accepts you just as you are.

EPGrace EPGrace 18-21, F 1 Response Jan 20, 2009

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Group hugs are cool.

But one on one hugs are pretty special since it is just for you...