Hugs make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. x3
ThatAwkwardPanda ThatAwkwardPanda
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>:o *Locks yew in tha tewl shed!!*

Mean,cruel father!!!

:D *Drinks from #1 Dad mug* :D Says you!!

But-but...I'm a great drama-queen mom!!! :O My daughters adore me! U_U

U _ U Your daughters just like how easy it is to get you to take their side and then buy them giant stuffed animals and give them shopping money and stuhffs!.. U . u Soooooo... *Goes back to drinking my awesome drink in my awesome #1 Dad mug!!*

Giant stuffed animals?! O.O *needs to PM you* U_U *pees in your #1 snail mug*

o.o *Blinks and wonder'z what just happened to my cool drink and how'd it turn'z yellow'z??* o.o

Homemade lemonade my love...U_U

*Sips...* (x n >) A bit tart I see...

We never brush our teeth before we go sippy sippy babe. U_U

I have the best adoptive parents in the world... O.O

Yes,you do! U_U

Oh, but... Way to hijack a thread, guys. xD

SHUSH!We know you loved it...

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*hugs you and holds you tight!* Uhm...Z-Zuzu?! Why...why did you stop breathing,love? :(


*hugz* :3

*hugz* x3 :D (>^o^)>

*hugz moar* (>^o^)> <(^o^)> <(^o^<) :3