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I Need a Hug...

All I need is a hug... People look at me and think I'm ok... They smile and are encouraged by me and my strength and will to carry on when life is at it's toughest, and yet they never hear my cry, never see me die, deep down inside I know I lie... I just need someone to be random and just reach out to me.... I dont want to ask for it, hello its me! I don't look for or like pity, or need to be told it's ok, you'll be fine... I just need someone who won't say anything and when I least expect it, understand me silently and hold me... I just need a hug.... A human touch that allows me to cry and be strong enough to hold my broken foundations... I just need a long hug....
LadySoulist LadySoulist 22-25, F Oct 9, 2007

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