I Need To Hug!:(

Unfortunately a hug is misinterpreted in my country. I love hugs more than kisses. When I hug sb or say Dear or sth like this, they all think I wanna date them (if they are girls) or I am gay (if they are men). I AM NOT, I AM JUST IN LOVE WITH MANKIND!

I am single and am feeling alone. I am a type of person who is say to be more kinesthetic. I love shaking hands, hugging, touching people. That is the way kinesthetic people usually do to express their feelings. I donot see any bad thing in a hug. Actually I need it right now. I need to love sb and be loved. I need to say I love u without the feeling of dependance or sth like this.. I need to love people without being mocked...

I wish I could see one day that the hugs are really free...

Hugs :(

PS: any suggestions for my relationships will be highly appreciated.

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I think it is unfortunate that people have so much suspicions on innocent act like hugging. I feel for you, even though I am not a touchy feely person. It can be frustrating.

I second that.<br />
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I think everyone is beautiful and honestly for the longest time I was so ashamed of that! I tried to hide that as much as I could because people would just be weirded out and/or assume the oddity. I totally don't mean it in any weird way, i'm just happy to be around and happy to share this ground with all these lovely people. The hiding feels like a long time ago, but even now sometimes people just give such a confused long look; as if the fact i love them is abnormal! <br />
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Anyhow, now I just have fun with it. I do it anyway. If someone is weirded out, then he/she can be the one to runaway! I'm pretty sure that he/she reaches a point of realization anyhow. I just may or may not be there physically to experience it. <br />
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I'd suggest you just be yourself! If you want to hug someone just say it! " I wanna hug you man, you are soo cool!" and then just squeeze! Just be honest and express yourself. You got nothing to lose, and life is greatest when you express and are your self. My 2 cents!<br />
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Ditto.. yeah simplest way to sum all you have had to say there - I feel ya