Heavyhearted Realization

Sometimes, the rights to ownership blinds us.

We have a backyard full of fruit-bearing trees. Our neighbor's house has some pretty good access to them as their balcony was near the top. They would sometimes upset us by getting all the fruits without permission. Sometimes, we get left with nothing. But we were more upset with them taking the fruits without permission.

One day, my mother saw a child taking the fruits, apparently emulating what his elders do. When the child saw my mother, he quickly scampered away, leaving all the "goods". As usual, we could only shake our heads.

And then my mother heard the child cry next door. He was crying he was hungry but it seems that his parents have nothing to put on the table.

Suddenly, we saw the bigger picture. They steal fruits because they don't always have the money to eat. That is why they kept going back again and again.

It was a heavyhearted realization.
mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 7, 2013