Human Kindness Is Most Important to Me.

I think Human Kindness should be a religion.

Let everyone live their lives free from criticism, and mean spirited people.

I love when people are kind to me, it makes me feel valued. I always try to be kind to others.

I love it when people are happy. I like to make people happy.

I feel sad, when I need someone and they are not there for me. I know that I should be able to make myself be happy, but I am lonely for human compassion. I have felt used and abused for most of my life. I just want peace, some fun, some company. I am getting off topic.

I feel sorry for people that are struggling and can't find  help.

All you happy people, find someone that may need your help. You may save a life.

Donate to the less fortunate. Be a friend. Share your passions. There are too many people struggling in this world.

Peace to all,



Cassandra Cassandra
51-55, F
4 Responses Jun 5, 2007

Hello my Friend,<br />
If only we could change the majority who only think of themselves. The screaming irony<br />
is, they think that behavior will make them happy, how they figure that out I'll never know. How the hell<br />
can you be happy just giving YOURSELF a xmas present!<br />
Kindness + Peace,<br />

nice post..............i value kindness highly too.........because its pure goodness...........being kind means that you are nice to someone eventhough u dont have to be.........its like a love..

Cjewels, you make it sound like we have only one mall... We have plenty peoples! Hundreds!

Humanism? <br />
The pursuit of what is good for Humanity, Kindness should fall under that (In the broad category of doing good)