3 weeks ago
I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, as youd imagime im been a basket case, well, within the first week, i was sitting on the bk deck and trying to control the tears and anger so my family wouldnt see, all of a sudden a hummingbird hovered in front of my face then alighted on my left shoulder, goosebumps and a sense of comfort filled me. We dont have a feeder nor have i seen any hummingbirds here at all, about a week later , i was in the darkest pit , had a bad reaction to the meds, couldnt eat , sleep and had to wait to see my dr about help for 3 days , i was full of despair, again just sitting on the steps to the deck, the same hummingbird got in front of me then AGAIN landed on my shoulder, i felt i had just been comforted again by a truly wonderful being, goosebumps , then and now just reliving it, since then , he/ she has popped up to look at me 4 more times, as if to say, hang in there. I dont make housecalls to just anyone, hehehe, so its only been a month since i found out, and seems im being blessed with reminders to see the world is a magical place with evidence everywhere that something someone somewhere cares ,
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3 Responses Sep 6, 2012

It's amazing what can give us comfort in our hour of need. I know it must be very hard but remember that even if you don't have a song in your heart, try to sing anyway....remain positive (◕‿◕✿)

This is a really beautiful story! If I could I would send you a thousand humming birds right now! I hope your surgery goes well! Take care!

What a truly beautiful story! Thank you so much for sharing!