i love hummingbirds. i usually put my feeders out for them sometime in april. i have them with me until the end of october. they are great fun to watch. i also grow some of the flowers they enjoy. i have quite a few hummingbirds. they are very territorial. but, i enjoy them every year!

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Thanks Pixelita you are great!

I love them too, they are sooooo cute!!!! :-)

No some of them are not as big! I plant hibiscus and mandalias but they make a hummingbird mixture you can plant for them . They sell it at Walmart.

Lucky you! I've never seen a hummingbird, but have always wanted to. They don't live over here in England. They're not much bigger than butterflies are they?

What flowers do you plant? I have some blue salvia that they seem to flock to, even more than the buddleia.