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Finally Tried Hummus!

Someone recently told me that hummus on pita bread was very good.  I had never tried hummus, although my daughter had raved about it.  With those two recommendations I knew I would have to give it a try. 

Well, tonight I was at the local health food store and they had pita bread and hummus.  I picked up both and just now tried them together.  All I can say is, I am a hummus convert!!  That stuff is majorly delicious!!  Yum-yum!! :-)

Vignette Vignette 51-55, F 23 Responses Jun 30, 2010

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You are so right, LittleLena. A year and a half later after writing this story I can confirm that hummus is addictive. I'm still enjoying it! :-) Would you care to share a recipe with us?

Oh how funny, love it!!! He is a yummy dish!! But I am more of a voyeur, not a participant...I leave that part up to you...I will in turn get the popcorn, settle down in my easy chair, and watch the show!! lol

WhBeachBum - Ooooh!! Hummus on a turkey sandwich?? Oh my, that sounds so yummy!! Almost as yummy as the NakedPoet!! :-) Shall we stroll over and peek through his window my dear?? I''ll bring the can use it for.....(fill in the blank!!) lmao!!

FS - food of the gods indeed! I had to beat them off with a stick to keep them away from my hummus! Lol<br />
<br />
GG101 - this is most definitely one addiction I embrace! :-) I'm going to have to let my friend know he's created a junkie. Lol

Thanks Sunshine, I've had more than few people mention the garlic hummus to me. I have it on my list to try! :-)

Oh, that sounds divine! I have to admit Berbuletta, it didn't look very appetizing to me either! Kind of beige and pasty looking! But it sure is delicious! Welcome, fellow hummus lover! :-)

Coyotegray - that sounds like a winner! I will have to try it, thanks!! :-)

Greengoal101- sounds delicious!! :-)

My1secret and Foreverheart - those are yummy recommendations I look forward to trying! :-)

I use hummus on eggs, as a dip for cucumbers and carrots, and I like it on melba toast too.

A new hummus fan, welcome! :-)

Trust me, infidels were the last thing on my mind as I ate that delicious hummus! But it does give one reason to ponder...I guess just about anything could be turned into a weapon! lol

Hummus is our secret weapon to convert infidels. Didn't even think about that, while you were shoving it into your mouth, did you?

Does the non-disclosure agreement have anything to do with the "purity" of the hummus? lol I would love to try your recipe!! Yes, please, when you have time, I would like to have it! Thank you very much!! :-)

I can send you mine. I humbly make the best hummus - lol<br />
<br />'ll have to sign a non disclosure agreement :)

Hi Snowbunny, I was right there with you! Hummus? Why the very sound of the name sounded yucky!! It sounds almost like the word humid, and for some reason made me think of green mold! lol I don't think I would have even tried it if it were not for a 2nd opinion someone gave me, in addition to my daughter raving about it. I mean, c'mon, mashed chick peas? How tasty does that sound?? lol But it is indeed delicious, and I am glad I took the plunge! I see mashed chick peas in my future big time! lol

Oh, yes!! I wish I had tried this stuff years ago! It's so delish, and not fattening, either. Just goes to show you learn something new almost every day. ;-) Next I have to find a good recipe to make a batch homemade. I would like to see the difference between homemade and store bought.

Vignette- For years I used to think,,hummus-= yuck! <br />
Until I actually tried that I have I am totally addicted. I could eat it on anything! Delicious :)

Another convert :)

Oh, SITO, you HAVE to try it!! It is divine!! And it's not even that fattening! You get 2 whopping tablespoons for only 50 calories! Just a nutritional side note. :-)

I have never tried this.....but i reckon I should as you make it sound so delicious!<br />
<br />
I will be doing my grocery shopping this weekend and will pick up some!<br />
Well, as long as I remember to write it on my list!

No, no kissing sessions are on my schedule unfortunately, so garlic is not a problem! Oh, the unappreciated joys of being single! lol I will try the garlic & herb variety next time. Yummy stuff! :-)

I got this hummus at Henry's. They had several kinds and I didn't know what I should get, so I opted for the plain/original hummus. If this is "plain" and it tastes this good, I can imagine how good some of the other ones are!<br />
<br />
Coincidentally we have a Henry's and Trader Joe's next door to each other in the same ***** mall. Makes it convenient to shop both!<br />
<br />
Oooooh, fruit and veggies with it? That sounds totally delish!! I am going to have to try that, too! Thanks for the tip! :-)