Two Teachers

I have two teachers; Montane and Rien. Montane declares herself to be a hypnotist and maintains that hypnosis is a very real phenomenon. Rien calls himself a philosopher, perhaps a poet, and says that hypnosis does not really exist, there is only relating. Yet I know that Rien has studied hypnosis avidly and appears to relate to people in very similar ways to Montane, with a distinct intensity, often confusing yet enlightening.
I have even seen them work together on a particularly tricky client.They often speak at the same time in such situations, not just the odd word but lengthy ideas, completely flouting the normal expectations of conversation.
I once asked them together
"So, once and for all, is hypnosis real or not?"
They looked at each other briefly and smiled as if at some private joke, then fixed me with their attention and said, as if with one voice
"That's right"
I don't remember what happened next.
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i very much like the philosophical tone of Your stories.