I Heart Lucy!

I totally love I love Lucy! I watch it every morning while I have breakfast. I love how everything is simple. My son sat down to watch it with me once and he was laughing his little buns off. I was glad to see that a show as simple as I love Lucy can still capture my son's attention. I also like to watch it cause I love how Lucy dresses!lol She was beautiful. 

Queen82 Queen82
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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

OMG! I'm so pissed of at the Hallmark channel. For the last two days they've not been showing I Love Lucy. It clearly says it on the guide that I Love Lucy is on at 8 and 8:30 in the morning but it hasn't been on two days in a row. Instead they're showing The Golden Girls. What kind of B.S. is that?