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I am A Trekie so I did know that. :) <br />
<br />
So many reasons to LOve Lucy!!!!

from<br /><br />
<br />
"... RODENBERRY... invested thoughtfulness, intellectual stimulation and philosophy into Star Trek that caught the attention of Lucille Ball. She both liked Gene Roddenberry and felt his idea had huge potential. After rejecting the pilot, The Cage as being "too cerebral" - it's said Lucy stood firmly behind the show, prompting NBC to order a second pilot - something exceedingly rare in the television business."<br />
<br />
for Me... Demi, well ok, ge~, and FRIENDS...<br />
<br />

DID YOU KNOW...<br />
SHE was the OWNER of the STUDIO...<br />
which FIRST WELCOMED... Star Trek!!!<br />
<br />
Prior to HER GENIUS in TV land,<br />
IN THE MOTION PICTURE "world"...<br />
there was LITTLE of THE FUTURE OF SPACE...<br />
<br />
since HER...<br />
SPACE has become ... well, lol... what is <br />
the movie<br />
AVATAR<br />
<br />
without first there was LUCILLE BALL?

me TOO me TOOO!!!!!!!!!

This and the candy factory are two of my favorites.

HAHAHA oh my!!! That's me after a couple of sips of a Bahama Mama ;) I loved this episode!