Vanilla, Strawberry, Sherbert

I have to say that out of all my favorite deserts ice cream is my favorite one!!Some people probably like the whole 31 flavor list butim very specific about the flavors i like, specifically vanilla, strawberry, and sherbert!!! Some people, well alot of people will probably say that vanilla is one of the most favorite flavors of ice cream and they're right lol. I will sit and eat vanillla ice cream for as long as i take lol. I love to take my time eating it and mixing it around, so it can be even more creamy in my mouth! When i take a lick of vanilla ice cream i feel like im in heaven lol. My second favorite ice cream is strawberry, mmmmm, delicious!! Strawberry ice cream helps me relax when im having one of those stressful days, when i take a lick or taste i just forget about all my stress and just relax lol. The most annoying thing to me about eating strawberry icee cream is the little strawberries it sometimes has in it lol. To me they just get in the way of the ice cream lol. Last but not least, sherbert, the greatest i have to say because itn a variety of diffrent flavors! the thing i love about eating sherbert is that diffrent flavors get mixed in together which is great for me, more flavor!! I am a big fan of ice cream but vanilla, strawberry and sherbert do it for me!

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trilo i tried but everytime i get directed back here, it says your page has certain content, and it won't let me see it!!!

thanks trilo!!, i will certainly do it!

or go under people on right top , find search , then go search members and type my name and type add me on the icon

should be enough if you click ob the picture above to take you to my profile , otherwise let me know:)

should be enough if you click ob the picture above to take you to my profile , otherwise let me know:)

thanks lol, but where can i find u trilo to invite u as a friend lol

Love it , freshly made vanilla , especially more aromatic vanilla type and the ice has to be made from whey with high content of lactose and fat. God such ice just melts on your tongue. girl just add me as your friend:)