So Confused ... ;(

I have boyfriend from 4 months and i loved him and maybe i still love him but idk... Before some weeks i met a boy .... he is the cutest boy i ever seen but he lives in another town. We just chat on fb. But yesterday he came in my town. We were a few friends (maybe 10 :) ) in my friend's home just for the night... I hug him , he hug me too. I said to myself that it is just a hug and after that we just watched movies and hug each other but he kissed me and i kiss him and so on. I know that it isnt right but It was so .... u know... Now idk what to do. I really like him but i dont know if he feels the same and he is in other town and i can see him maybe once in 2 months. But my bf lives here (he study in other town :) but i see him evry week) and ... he loves me but i am not sure if i feel the same .... Just dont know what to do ;(
Any advice?
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

dont keep feet on 2 boats.. you will be drawn..
just ask ur heart whom u want in ur life and be loyal to 1.. i think 1st one shud be ur choice coz cute guys are usually flirt and they will use you...

maybe r u right but i just cant stop to think about him

then take a decision depending on ur heart... if you win you will get love, if you lose then you will get a lesson!!!! but i still suggest that dont fall in love with some 1 for being beautiful, fall with love with some1 who can make ur life beautiful....