Yummy Yum

All time favorite... PEPPERMINT!! Not the green chocolate chip stuff but real peppermint stick ice cream. Best place to get it is a little mom and pop homemade shop on the beach!! OOOHHH and relax on the beach while eating it!!
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8 Responses Jul 20, 2007

mmm......i want some icecream now.

Try pineapple! Oh so good.

I have an electric ice cream maker so I make my own.<br />
Not very often, birthdays and special occasions, it is full of fat!!!! But oh sooooooooo good. I have added fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, real orange soda, candy bar chunks, cookie dough, pecans that I glazed in sugar, malt powder, I could go on and on. All this is doing is giving me one huge craving!!!

Oh so am I... It's a challenge to try and eat ice cream when your throat is closing up. Oh guess I found a way out huh...

Oh Maple are you finally giving in!

HHHMMM not sure about that one... have had andies candies so sounds about the same. Another good one is PUMPKIN!!! Crap my virtual *** just grew... LOL

I love mint ice cream. I used to be able to find it without the chips. Not any more so I have to eat the chips out of my bowl. Then enjoy the smooth minty ice cream. mmm I'm getting hungry :D

and if there is a friend with you to feed it to all the better...