Ice Cream Is My Evil!

How I love ice cream! I have tried to give it up because it hurts my teeth. I can't, it's so creamy and cold and yummy! I hear it call my name when I go to the grocery store "come buy me" it always says. I go and look at it and just stare and think of how many damn calories it has and that my teeth will hurt after. I ask my kids if they want ice cream and of course they say yes. Now I have a reason to buy, for my kids, hahahahaha. Who am I kidding.

I picked out s'mores flavored ice cream the other day because I knew my son would say yes because he loves s'mores. We both gobbled down the pint that day I think.  It was so delicious!
jrdnjstn jrdnjstn
31-35, F
Jul 20, 2007