Ice Cold

I like Ice cold water, the colder the better, especially filtered with Ice..Always have ice and has to be ice ice cold. I like to hold it in my mouth. My mouth always feels really warm all the time. I read some where craving ice or ice water could be a type of anmeia..(spelling) or your low in iron. So if you always crave sucking on should get tested or you could be dehydrated. When your thirsty your already dehydrated. I love ice tea, as well but Ice water. Nothing beats an large cup of ice and ice ice cold water on a hot humid day! I got in the habit of carrying a big insulated mug 64 Oz mug and fill with ice water, ice tea and mix up with diet soda to. I even keep a cooler in the car in the summer full of ice, water and gatorade, saves on spending lots of money on drinks.
Jackk45 Jackk45
46-50, M
Dec 11, 2012