Yep well, let's say like not that way because I hardly know her apart from her side of music.
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Have you heard the Weird Al parody of Fancy called Handy? It's funny.

Yeah I saw that one

She sucks but she's kind of hot.

No Iggy Azalea is a white girl on the Pac **** so get it staight

Whoa whoa whoa that's going way too far and that's so disrespectful to him. You just seriously disgraced the name of 2Pac.

Not if I just apologized to that person so not really I love his music so how is that did graceful

Because of what you just said. You should reread your own comment and think about what you just said.

Oh well I didn't mean it like that 😓😢

Dude you should listen to real hip hop. She's just a white version of Nicki Minaj. Mainstream rap is not the way to go.

But what she raps is true

No it isn't. She is more of a pop star to be honest.

Listen to the song Work

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That sad if you don't even knowing one song by her

Well you said that not me. :)

I know all her songs from Fancy to Murda Business

Speechless or nah


Yeah sure

Well, she appreciates me listening to her songs. Of course it may not mean nothing to you because you you're not happy, with me not know many songs about her. But hey it is what is.

look I'm sorry I guess I just really like Iggy Azalea and her music

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