Different Kinds Of Love.....

Not into the passionate stuff with someone that lives under bridges; we climbers are into high places with panoramic views. You got to admire someone that can live under a bridge and still have such a quick wit and hold his/her own against all comers. Very gutsy person. More than a match for me. Glad I stick to the high places out of the reach of trolls.
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Nicely done dear! *smile*

Hi MB : )
I have changed a lot since I wrote this almost a year ago. As you know; I know longer eat cats and rarely possum. You have turned me into a new man.

Cats!!! dear God... I got enough ***** in this house now to feed you for a life time! ;-))))) I's so bad....

So much for my vegetarian life style : ))
Yes you are; and we make a wonderful couple.

Thanks! I agree, but cannot convince the IT. I spend most of my time on the mountains, and she spends most of hers under this bridge. She seldom comes out into the light of day, and I only would come off the mountain for conjugal visits…… and a little food. Hey; if I only came down a couple times a week, I think we would still have a better love life than most of the people on EP.
Looks like I will be the one to do the cooking as well. Troll probably eats most of her meat raw anyway. Not sure though. She turned her long nose up at this delicious black cat. Last week I brought her a possum and two really fat snakes, and I ended up eating it all myself. She ordered pizza in.

I missed this! Sorry! Thank you for the compliments!

Hey; You are by far the nicest troll I have ever met. You deserve the very best. Glad we had a chance to talk. Actually I may hang around here awhile. It is warmer under your bridge than on my mountain today. Got anything to eat?

Funny you should mention that! My order of a kilo of plain chocolate covered ginger arrived this very morning! *Hands you some*

A kilo? That is good climbers work up big appetites. Especially where chocolate covered ginger is concerned. How about I catch that mangy looking cat for our main course, and we can have the chocolate covered ginger for desert?

I don't eat *****!!!!!!



Taste just like chicken. Oh well; just leaves more for me.

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Everyone should have a friend as loyal and dear as illiterate troll. She gets an A+ in Frienditude from me... MUWAH Troll. I admire and respect you too! Oxoxox, Kath

That works both ways! Mwah! Love yer! xx

Well heck Lah lah, I happy you found " your group." You're the living end.....