My My.... Oh My

Trolly is such a doll of a person. As we would PM back and forth, Troll would mention what delicious treat she was munching. But!!! It gets better:

I received a parcel in the mail FILLED with Trolly treats! Troll included the very things she would tell me she was eating. How cute is THAT? There is much to choose from! So far Chocolate Ginger Biscuits are in the lead!

What is also worth mentioning.... Troll sent these delights from Scotland to the USA. ( BTW, Troll call herself a Troll, but she is WAAAAY too kind to pass as one.)

Dear Friend Illiteratetroll,
Thank you for the sweet treats, but even more, thank you for being even SWEETER than this bounty I am looking at.
I can't imagine being on EP without you and our friendship.
I knew from the time we had contact that we would be a great match.

You color my world daily, with your exquisite humor, your caring responses when I whine, your love in general. You deserve all the happiness life has to offer, and that is my wish for you! I am so proud to be included among your friends. You are a treasure. Oxo, Kathie
P.S. I have no chance of winning our contest, so I'll just congratulate you now.... ( Dang, I wish I could find a live candidate )

Kathieredart Kathieredart
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Daft sod you made me blush, laugh and cry all within the same story! As for our contest, it ain't over till the fat lady sings! I have no guarantee of winning!!! Mwah, love yer! xxxxx

If we had bet money, I would start saving so I could pay you. Wishful thinking just won't work in this case!

*Sigh* I don't know what will happen but hey I only have another week or so left before I find out *gulps*

Actually, I would be ELATED if you won. I am already an old nag sent out to pasture.... ( tears, and a

I'm so freakin nervous!

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Here, here! I second this one, to be sure! And I'm so glad I got to share a little taste of your world too. Thanks so both of you. =)

( hides the rest of the stash.... especially her favorites ) You're welcome Weekie.

Well...since you're in the other room right now...and I SAW where you "hid" them....heh, heh, heh.....*zoom*.................................!! ( Just kidding! Keep your shorts on! )